How to use Uniscale

Get an overview of how to get started with Uniscale.

Create an account

Go to and click the sign-up link. You can sign up using single sign-on (SSO) or via e-mail.

Create a Workspace

After logging in you will see your Dashboard, this is where you can edit your account details and either access or create workspaces.

Define functional specification

After creating a workspace, you can create a Solution. This is where you describe your product and break down your functional specifications.

Read more articles and guides on Solution Editor here:

Describe technical documentation

Create services to address the needs of your solution’s modules and give them use cases with features that will satisfy the UI flow requests.

Implementation - Generate SDK

After both services and the solution have been approved, you can generate the first version of your SDK and have both back-end and front-end developers use it with their respective languages.

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