User management

Learn how to manage workspace users, product users, and edit permission level.

Workspace management

You can manage all users within your workspace by accessing the workspace settings page.

  1. Open your workspace

  2. Click on the "⚙️" icon to enter the settings

  3. Navigate to "Users".


The roles will help you get an overview of what role the user has within your organization. This does not impact their permission level within the Uniscale workspace.

Access level management

In Uniscale, a workspace can have multiple solutions. You can customize the permission level for each user in the workspace and their access to each solution.

Get an overview below

Workspace owners, admins, and users require a subscription seat. Clients, however, do not require a seat and the amount of clients may be limited based on your subscription plan. Learn how to invite: Invite to Uniscale

Workspace account access

In a workspace, users can have the following account access:

Account accessDescription


Access to everything in the workspace


Can manage workspace settings and see all solutions


Will only have access to individual products.


Can only have viewer access to products. This type does not count towards subscription seats.

Product access levels

You can customize the permission levels for each solution or service.

Product accessDescription


Can invite others to, has edit and delete rights.


Has edit and limited delete rights.


Can only view and not edit.


Can only view and not edit.

Does not need to be invited to the workspace but only to individual products. Does not count towards subscription seats.

Editing product access level

These permissions can be changed from a product via the product settings modal by following the steps described below:

  1. Open the desired solution or service.

  2. Within a product editor, click on the settings icons

  3. Navigate to "Members"

  4. Edit per user the column for the access level. To read more about the access levels: Product access levels

Changing access level to client

Please note that if you want to change the access level to "client", you will need to ensure that this person does not already have a workspace user.

Go to Workspace managementto remove the user from your workspace and you will be able to invite them to the product as a client.

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