Create a workspace

Read here how you can create a workspace in Uniscale.

What is a workspace?

A workspace is the home for all your solutions and services. You can be part of multiple workspaces and each will have its subscription plan.

How to create a workspace

You can create a workspace by following these steps:

1. Start your new workspace

When you log in to your Uniscale account for the first time, you will be prompted with a guide to help you get started. Click the blue button "Continue with 30 days trial" to create a workspace.

2. Give your workspace a name

Type in your workspace's name and press "continue". This can be edited later on.

Optional: You can also add a logo to personalize your workspace.

3. Select a name for your Solution

Choose a name for your very first solution inside the workspace you are creating.

Want to learn more about solutions and how to work with them? Check our Specification chapter for more details.

4. Choose the right plan for you and your team

Choose one out of our two plans: Personal or Teams and select the amount of seats you would like to have inside your workspace.

Check Plans and Subscription for more details on the different plans Uniscale offers.

5. Complete checkout

You can now complete your payment and subscribe.

It is now time to invite your colleagues to your workspace. Find Invite to Uniscale how you can do this.

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