Visual Studio Code

Learn how to use our IDE plugin for Visual Studio Code.


Download the extension from VS Code from marketplace or search it from the extensions in the IDE itself:

After installing the extension you will be prompted to login to Uniscale. Click "Login" to proceed:

This will open a dialog that will redirect you to the login website. Click "Open" to proceed:

You will get this screen after a successful login. You are now logged in and you can start using Uniscale Develop:

All commands are prefixed with "Uniscale develop" so you can see all available commands by typing that into the command palette (⇧ + (⌘/ctrl) + P):

The description for all the available generative commands can be found on the main page for IDE plugins

If you don't have any SDKs installed at this point you will see this prompt:

This can be resolved by installing an SDK. The SDK portal overview will provide you with instructions for your target language.

VS Code commands

You can access all the available commands via the command palette (⇧ + (⌘/ctrl) + P).

Uniscale Develop: Login to Uniscale

Use this command to log into Uniscale. This command will be called automatically if you are not logged in and you call for snippet generation options.

Uniscale Develop: SDK picker

If you have multiple SDKs installed you can use this command to select the one that you want to use to generate snippets against.

Uniscale Develop: Snippets and generative code

This is the main command to retrieve a list of available generative commands. You might not see all the commands described here depending on what you have modeled in your solution and/or services. The full list can be seen in the section Commandson the main page for more details.


I don't see snippets for things I just modeled

You will need to generate a new SDK in Uniscale and install the new version as a dependency in your project.

I see options for a wrong service

You probably have more than one SDK installed simultaneously, you can see all installed SDKs and choose the one you want to use by issuing the command Uniscale Develop: SDK picker

I don't see any options to generate snippets

If you are not getting any snippet options or you get "fetch failed" errors you can try to log in again by issuing the command Uniscale Develop: Login to Uniscale. You can also try restarting VS Code.

I got the "User is not part of the company" error

This means that your user is not part of the company and/or the solution/service you are trying to access. Ask your administrator to add you to relevant solutions and services.

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