Join a Workspace

Learn how to join an existing workspace.

Once a Workspace is created, you can join it and start working. To do this, the owner or administrator of the Workspace needs to send you an invitation.

Learn how to invite to a workspace: Invite to Uniscale

Once invited, you will receive an email with instructions to proceed. Below you can see the steps depending on whether you already have a Uniscale account or not.

Inviting a new account

Here is how the email looks if you do not already have an account. This email will guide you to create an account. You can also learn more here: Create an account

Once you have created an account, you will be directed to this page and can now accept the invite:

Inviting an existing account

Here is how the email looks if you already have an account. Click to join the workspace and you will be ready to begin using Uniscale.

Learn how to get started

Once you have joined a workspace, you can start using Uniscale. Follow the instructions inside Uniscale or learn more in this article:

Quick start guide

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