Solution editor overview

In this article, you can learn more about the Solution editor and get an overview of the interface, elements and concepts.

Interface breakdown

When looking at the Solution editor for the first time you will be presented with the following view:

Key sections in the Solution editor

  • Topbar

  • Content

  • Overview


At the topbar, you will find the main navigation and core functionalities such as sharing and settings, all related to the specification.

Left side actions
  • Topbar:

    • Workspace dropdown trigger

    • Home button leading to the main dashboard

    • Solution dropdown trigger

Center navigation tabs
  • Specification

  • Service linking

  • Approval

  • SDK Portal

Right side actions
  • Revision overview (first one will be 'Initial revision')

  • Share (will be available after first revision)

  • Workspace settings

  • Comments

  • Notifications


In the overview, you can follow the hierarchical representation of your solution. The list can be filtered or searched via the top input.

The structure will grow in size as your solution develops as well.


Elements of the Solution

Elements of the Solution

  • Solution

    • Module

      • Page

        • Section

          • Child section

          • Sibling section

Want to learn more about the different terms and elements? Go to this explainer article:

Functional use case functionalities

  • Functional use case

    • UI Designer notes

      • UI Designer note

    • UX Product notes

      • UX Flow

      • Service flow

        • Acceptance criteria

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Locking cycles

For the most relevant statuses within a revision, the interface shows a badge indicating the number of items that match the filter (All, Edited, Unlock & Edited and Ready).

For the full explanation of the Locking & Completion cycles, go to the article below:

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