Tutorial: Using comments

In this article, you'll discover how to effectively use comments in Uniscale to share valuable insights and information about the ongoing tasks or projects.

Comments in Uniscale serve the purpose of facilitating communication and collaboration among team members. They allow users to offer feedback, pose questions, and share insights related to specific elements within a solution, including modules, pages, or functional use cases.

What is the comments feature?

Comments are textual messages users use to annotate and discuss different aspects of a solution.

They may contain feedback, suggestions, questions, or clarifications about specific elements within a Solution. Furthermore, users can tag specific individuals in their comments to grab their attention or seek their input.

How can I add comments?

Users can easily add comments to specific elements within a solution in Uniscale. This can be accomplished through two different methods:

Highlight the text you want to comment on, then click “Comment”. A box will appear on the right-hand side where you can write your comment. Once you're done, simply press Send to share your comment.

You can add comments to Modules, Pages, Sections, Functional Use Cases, Product and Designer Notes, UX Flows and Acceptance Criteria.

Where can I see the different comments?

Click the comment icon on the right-hand side of your top bar and select "Show comments". The comments will appear next to your functional specifications.

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