Product sharing

Short breakdown on sharing and editing product access levels in Uniscale.

When sharing a product (solution or standalone service), the invitee or the current user will have access to your product. They will be able to read or write specification content for that solution (depending on the given user access). Or you might as the product owner or admin need to edit the access levels.

Sharing a product

There are 2 methods:

  1. From the product overview

  2. From the editor

When sharing a solution from the workspace dashboard, the invitee will have access to the workspace as well.

  • Press the button "Share" and invite users to the solution

  • You can invite:

    • Existing users in the workspace by their email

    • OR type in the email address of a new user you would like to invite to your solution

  • Choose their access level in the dropdown menu.

  • You can then click “Add” and the invitee will receive their invitation via email.

  • You have now successfully shared a solution! 🎉

Editing product access level

These permissions can be changed from a product via the product settings modal.

  1. Within a product editor, click on the settings icons

  2. Navigate to "Members"

  3. Edit per user the column for access level

    1. Inline input with automatic save

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