Workspace basics

Workspace account types

The amount of users is associated with your subscription plan.

In a workspace, users can have the following account types

  • The owner (the person who owns the workspace)

    • only one Owner at the time per workspace

  • Admins (many )

  • Users (many )

Product access levels

  • An user with the access of admin can invite others to the product, has edit and delete rights to all*

  • An user with the access of client can read the product even though the user is not invited to the workspace itself - typically used when you want to share your product with someone external to the organization

  • An user with the access of editor has edit and limited delete rights.

  • An user with the access of viewer has only view/read rights.

*Then user is selected when creating the product, and it can be the user creating, or another user that has been assigned at the time. This can be changed at any point per product.

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