SDK portal overview

Interface breakdown


In similar manner to the ones found in specification and documentation. For a more detailed breakdown, check here

Library setup

Quite an important section as it will allow the user to

  • Select which services to include in the specification

  • Select which languages to generate the library into.

Changes made here will trigger the library generation process, so make sure you review the changes prior to commiting them.

Library acces

Depending on which languages you have enabled in your library setup, different tabs will show up, one per language enabled. Uniscale suports currently 4 languanges (.net, Python, Java and TypeScript).

For each tab, you will find a general information section, where you can quickly access

  • the specific language library's repository URL

  • the repo secret

  • library name

  • latest version

  • and the solution ID

Up next, you will find custom per language installation guides in various steps.

SDK history

The SDK history represent a timeline of your Library generation versions. They show

  • the library version

  • the library name

  • logos per each language enable in that version

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